Lowongan kerja Senior Backend Developer (Ruby)

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We are looking for a skilled and passionate Senior Back-end Developer who will be responsible for our server-side application logic along with its integration with the front-end platforms. In this position, you will use your programming skills and tools to analyze and translate business/feature requirements into well-structured, efficient, scalable software. You will also be actively involved in researching new technologies/tools that can be incorporated to improve the current system.



• Comfortable working in fast paced environments.
• Excel in undefined environments and get excited about finding solutions to complex technical challenges, and then building them.
• Able to adopt a fast learning cycle, growing and improving in real-time through constant feedback.
• Able to work in an environment where work is important and challenging.
• Able to contribute effectively to team goals by having a deeper understanding of what outcomes has to be achieved, and why/how the outcomes matter.
• Care about craftsmanship, willing to build something great that actually have a meaningful impact, and delight end-users.
• Good team player: Preferably have worked in a cross-disciplinary engineering culture (such as squads, tribes, chapter, guilds).
• Good command of English to be able to participate well in open source communities and read about rudimentary financial concepts (e.g. Candlestick).

• Backend engineers with 4+ years of experience building product features.
• Having 2+ years experience with programing language such as Ruby and willing to learn Elixir
• 1+ years experience working with real-time streaming/messaging middleware (e.g. Kafka, NSQ, RabbitMQ)
• Experience in solving more complex distributed system problems.
• Experience in Test-Driven development or behavior-driven development.
• Knowledge of monitoring and alerting best practices.
• Knowledge of performance/latency benchmarking.
• Experience making hard trade-offs between important goals to get the right things built quickly.
• Familiarity with open source software, and a willingness to dig into the source code of a library to find the answer.


Nice to have:

  • Knowledge of secure hashing, key agreement schemes, signature schemes, key derivation functions, Shamir’s secret sharing, zero-knowledge proofs, and/or other Blockchain/crypto-related technologies. Experience in byte/bit-level manipulation of data structures.
  • Experience in soft-realtime systems or systems with minimal/predictable latency (e.g. Networked multiplayer games)
  • Experience working with NoSQL/time-series databases storing millions of data points.
  • Experience working with systems deployed in a cloud environment (GCP, AWS, etc.)
  • Knowledge of DevOps tools like Salt, Terraform, Nomad or Kubernetes.
  • You have built or contributed to open source projects.


  • Supportive teammates
  • Health insurance benefits
  • Self development activities that support careers
  • Flexible working hours
  • Remote working during pandemic
  • Broaden your knowledge in financial investment