Lowongan kerja Technical Risk Engineer

  • Full Time
  • Jakarta
  • Posted 3 years ago

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We are looking for individual to be our Technical Risk Engineer!

The responsibilites are :

  • Responsible for the functional development of technical risk areas such as fault detection, fault emergency, and drill for all applications of Dana Service;
  • Responsible for the technical risks of all changes to Dana Services, responsible for all technical risk failures;
  • Participate in the design process of Dana major projects and products, review and analyze the technical risk field;
  • Responsible for technical risk platform application architecture design and system implementation, making the system systematic and forward-looking, be able to quickly discover business risks and timely control; Complete system analysis design for large projects independently, and responsible for core module development; responsible for system code review to ensure the validity and correctness of the relevant code and provide performance and security recommendations through Code Review;
  • Participate in the construction of intelligent systems, provide engineering assurance, and provide advice on specific algorithms;

What are we looking for in our candidate : 

  • More than 3 years of experience in large-scale cluster operations, familiar with software development and system architecture;
  • Strong system engineering capabilities, deep understanding of system (linux) and upstream and downstream link services (network/io, etc.), strong technical sensitivity and troubleshooting experience, and the ability to integrate technical solutions;
  • Familiar with the construction of operation and maintenance systems such as service management, unit deployment, and automatic capacity expansion, with a deep understanding and practice of cost control and efficiency improvement;
  • Have good teamwork, communication skills, willing to share, and have good customer service awareness;
  • Master at least one programming language, PYTHON/GO/JAVA capability, experience in system operation and maintenance, and experience in open source project development is preferred;
  • Experience with AWS and Google Cloud Platform is preferred;
  • Experience in development/operation and maintenance of distributed computing systems such as hadoop/spark/Flink/storm/elasticsearch/kafka and message queue system is preferred;
  • Good foreign language communication skills and overseas work experience are preferred