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Job Description

  • Analyze data to bring insights that can help solve problem or prevent future problem to arise –
  • Create hypothesis and test hypothesis using our data. If we don’t have the data, propose a way to capture and extract the needed data to stakeholders.
  • Train data model based on our current data
  • Define and monitor key metrics and alert the business on potential issues.
  • Analyze operational efficiency and build business models to guide decision-making.
  • Design market/business intelligence reports and performance measurement dashboards.
  • Enhance our data infra, analyze large, complex data sets into actionable insights.


  • At least a Bachelor degree in computing intensive subjects, e.g. finance, financial mathematics, computer science, mathematics, physics, bio-informatics, engineering
  • Knowledgeable in SQL, data visualization using tools like Tableau and can code basic Python/R
  • Advanced statistics knowledge
  • Unafraid to deal with large, dirty, and messy data and can create ETL to clean and make the data workable – Amazing problem solver
  • Experienced in using advanced analytics/machine learning in the real world scenario
  • Past participation in science Olympiad or Kaggle is a plus