Lowongan kerja Devops Engineer

  • Full Time
  • Jakarta
  • Posted 3 years ago

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Job Description

  • We’re looking for a DevOps Engineer to help revolutionize our infrastructure, automate our operational day to day tasks and managing high-throughput business-critical services, with specific emphasis on long-term maintainability, resilience against failures, and high scalability.
  • You are going to interact, communicate, and collaborate also improve the relationship between Development ( Product Engineers ), Test Engineer,
  • Network Engineer, and Security Engineer to deliver production system and software that is more stable and maintainable.
  • You need to empower the team and people around you to build the culture of join responsibility for faster and safer delivery, work together as a team.

About Your Responsibilities for the Role

  • Manage infrastructure use CI/CD process and automation tools such as Ansible
  • Build script to automate operational and deployment process use programming language like Python, Go, Ruby
  • Optimizing Infrastructure Automation thru repetitive refactors and Infra Architecture Review
  • Deploying, automating, maintaining, building and managing On-Prem and Cloud-based production systems.
  • Develop and integrate monitoring, logging, dashboard, and alert systems to quickly and proactively prevent or detect errors
  • Ensure the availability, performance, scalability, and security of Infrastructure.
  • Build, release and manage configuration management of infrastructure and application in multiple environments.
  • Within a cross-functional team, collaborate with other engineers specializing in backend services, web frontend, mobile apps, and test automation, as well as product design and ideation.

What you need to have (i.e., Minimum Qualifications)

Basic Requirement

  • Bachelor degree in Computer Science or related fields, or equivalent professional experience
  • Strong understanding of Operating System ( Linux )
  • Understand the basic of Security Best Practices
  • Solid understanding of DevOps Philosophy, Agile Methods, and Infrastructure as Code
  • Humble culture, zero egos, and excellent collaborative spirit. We are all here to learn together and grow together as a team
  • Experience in Monitoring Tools like Grafana, Datadog, and Prometheus
  • Experience in using Versioning Control tools
  • Knowledge & Experience in Go, Python, & Bash

Preferred Requirement

  • Experience in one of these following technologies, including Kubernetes, Nginx, Haproxy, Kubernetes Ingress
  • Experience in Infrastructure-as-Code and Automation like Ansible or Terraform